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Desert Property for Sale

Panoramic views are what your buying when you purchase desert land. The peace and quiet that comes with owning acres of land in what is consider one of the most scenic places in California. High Desert Homesteads has land and vacation properties for sales in some of the top tourist destinations in California.

HDH Properties for sale in:

Seller Financing

High Desert Homesteads offers seller financing that makes buying your property easier in an economy where borrowing money from a lender or bank to buy real estate can be difficult. We ask for a down payment and reasonable monthly payments over a short term loan of five years.

This form of financing is commonly refered to as a Land Contract. How a Land Contract works is the buyer is given "Equitable Title" a temporarily shared ownership of the property. The buyer makes payments to us the seller and upon satisfaction of all contract terms and conditions and the purchase price is paid in full, the buyer gets the deed.